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Posted 6 months ago
Prep Person
The quality, quantity, freshness, tastiness, and presentation of our products have significant impact on the perceptions our guests have of Golden Corral. Although the Prep Person does not have direct contact with that guest, the Prep Person’s duties affect every guest. The Prep Person isresponsible for the preparation (cutting, slicing, peeling, etc.) of all fresh fruits and vegetables that are used in Golden Corral. The freshness of our Cold Choice Buffet makes a statement even to those who do not order it. A guest who perceives the buffet to be a fresh, high-quality meal will also believe the same of all Golden Corral entrees. For this reason, the Prep Person has a very important role in “Making Pleasurable Dining Affordable.” ACCOUNTABILITIES/RESPONSIBILITIES: Adherence to Standards: • Prepares prep items according to Golden Corral product specifications and recipes. • Maintains a standard inventory of prep items according to the Prep Production Guide. • Ensures optimum yield of products through the product cycle. • Labels, dates, and rotates all bulk produce and prepped items. • Ensures all food items are in approved, covered storage containers. • Complete use and following of a buffet production system to insure quality and shelf life compliance. • Notifies the Manager of any discrepancies; for example, food spoilage, invoice errors, excessive waste, or products that do not meet specifications. • Assists the Buffet Attendant in maintaining a full, clean buffet. Cleanliness: • Cleans, maintains, and organizes prep area including cooler(s), equipment, and dry storage. • Performs duty roster and Restaurant Operations Improvement Process (ROIP) responsibilities. • Knows and follows position responsibilities as they relate to just-in-time delivery. • Follows local health department laws. Guest Service: • Performs administrative tasks and helps guests during meal periods. • Performs other functions that may be necessary to ensure guests receive a pleasurable dining experienc

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