We are proud to partner with the Louisiana Workforce Commission. Get the most from every dollar…tax incentives and paid worker training… job placement and online tools. We have the solutions that save YOU time and money when it comes to YOUR company’s business operation and workforce.



Don’t have the money for professional recruitment services or classified ads? No time do interviews? YOUR company can benefit from a variety of incentives and no-cost services to get a return on YOUR investment.

  1. Enjoy Tax Credits & Incentives 
    Claim various tax breaks that can offer a boost to YOUR bottom line. 
    • Louisiana Rehabilitation Services’ Vocational Rehabilitation
    • Fidelity Bonding
    • On-the-job training
    • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
    • Foreign labor
    • Apprenticeship
    • Other state and federal incentives are also available
      Take advantage of these opportunities today to create a better workforce for YOU for tomorrow. 
  2. Get Customized Training 
    Let LWC assist YOU with subsidized training to improve the skills of new and existing employees.
  3. Control Worker Health & Safety 
    Get tips on how YOU can keep YOUR employees safe so YOUR company can avoid undue penalties and fines. Learn about current medical treatment guidelines that will change the way decisions are made about medical treatment for injured workers.  
    • OSHA consultations
    • Medical guidelinesFind out about potential hazards at YOUR worksite and improve YOUR occupational safety and health management systems at no cost. Companies that participate may reduce their workers’ compensation premiums. As companies reduce their workers’ compensation premiums, this may result in larger profit margins, enabling a company to fill vacant positions and/or create new ones.  
  4. Useful Online Resources & Services 
    Quickly file important reports online, download free electronic posters and documents, and access online forms to help YOU do business conveniently with LWC. 

    Workers’ Compensation 
  5. LLabor Laws
    • Save time by knowing exactly where to find helpful information and resources on everything from minimum wage and overtime pay to discrimination and the Family and Medical Leave Act. 
    • Apprenticeship law 
    • Minor (child) labor Law 
    • Private employment service law 
    • Medical exams and drug tests
    • Employee citizenship/work authorization status verification requirements – E-Verify®
  6. Licensing Guide
    • Discover which businesses and occupations are required to have a license in Louisiana. This guide will help YOUR company comply with the state’s basic licensing requirements and fees, thus helping YOU avoid financial penalties. It also includes comprehensive information on occupations including job descriptions, wages, training/education required and contact information for the licensing authority. 
  7. Louisiana Rehabilitation Services’ Vocational Rehabilitation 

For every dollar spent on hiring a job seeker with a disability, $9 is returned to Louisiana’s economy. Strengthen and diversify YOUR company’s workforce while improving community relationships. 

  • LRS offers the following free consulting services: 
  • Training for YOUR staff on disability etiquette and sensitivity
  • Training and technical assistance on the Americans with Disability Act (ADA)
  • Assistance for YOUR employees who have developed disabling conditions
  • Follow-up once services are complete 
  • LRS will assist YOU in obtaining the following tax incentives/provisions for YOUR company:
    • Work Opportunity Tax Credit 
    • Barriers Removal Tax Deduction 
    • Disabled Access Tax Credit 

A recent study shows positive attitudes among consumers toward socially responsible companies, in particular toward those that hire individuals with disabilities.